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Premium Samsung Back Covers: A Comprehensive Guide to Find the Perfect Mobile Cases

by bharat case 14 Mar 2024
Premium Samsung Back Covers: A Comprehensive Guide to Find the Perfect Mobile Cases

Understanding which case best suits your precious Samsung Galaxy smartphone can be tricky. Carefully choosing among one of the premium Samsung back covers from an array of options available online can be a really mind-boggling task. However, fear not! We are here to make it easy for you.

In this guide, we have highlighted the guidelines one must follow while choosing a back cover for their Samsung Galaxy smartphone model.

What types of Samsung Covers are Available Online?

What types of Samsung Covers are Available Online?

Reaching a quick conclusion and selecting a random one out of the numerous Samsung back covers available online is not a good move. What one needs to do is, sit back and make a mind map of their requirements. A clear picture of what they want in a back cover is a must.

There are thousands of Samsung cases available online. Each differs from another in one way or another. Therefore, it is essential for customers to wisely choose a back cover that meets all of their demands perfectly.

One needs to keep in mind that back covers are more than just a layer of protection for your device. They are accessories that complement your style and reflect your personality.

1.   Conventional Cases

Available in materials ranging from silicone to faux leather, conventional cases cover the back and sides of the smartphone. These covers do not add to the bulk weight and are incredibly convenient to use. The raised bezels protect the screen edges from getting chipped. Additionally, it is designed to offer decent protection against scratches and abrasions from regular phone usage.

Besides offering decent protection to the device, it also gives it an elegant and chic look. They come in shades of green, black, and blue with a variety of designs and textures.

2.   Robust Cases

These heavy-duty cases are manufactured for those with an active life or prone to accidents. Double-layer protection made from robust and premium materials, infused with shock-proof technology, withstands the impacts of scratches, abrasions, and accidental drops or bumps.

Moreover, some heavy-duty phone cases also come with technologies engineered to protect them against water and dust. Most importantly, these robust cases provide the customer with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their phone is safe.

3.   Wallet Cases

Due to its total coverage facility, these cases are known for providing wholesome protection to the device. The screen, back, and sides remain completely covered, thus protecting it from any possible damage. They often have multiple layers that withstand tumbles and harsh weather.

Not only do these wallet cases provide complete protection, but they also enhance the functionality of the device. These styles serve dual purposes. In the back, they are equipped with slots and pockets to stash cards, cash, ID cards, and more. These cases are highly convenient for people who love to travel without heavy wallets or purses.

Which Phone Cover Material is best for Your Samsung Smartphone?

Which Phone Cover Material is best for Your Samsung Smartphone?

While selecting a back cover for your Samsung smartphone, it is essential to consider the material you are choosing. Shop for cases that provide best-in-class protection and upgrade the visual aesthetics of the phone. Keep your phone safe and trendy by choosing the material for your precious device wisely.

1. Silicone Cases

Silicone Cases

Known for its extreme flexibility, resistance, and lightweight, the silicone case clings to the body of the device perfectly. Engineered with shock absorption and water-resistant qualities, cases made from silicon material provide top-tier safeguarding.

The cover protects your Samsung device from regular wear and tear and gives it a snug fit. Additionally, the softness and elasticity of the silicone back covers allow a comfortable user experience without a doubt. Generally, they do not require high maintenance and are available at affordable prices.

Silicone cases tailored for Samsung Galaxy models are available in clear cases or shades of green, blue, black, and yellow, carved with a variety of prints and designs. You can revitalize the visual aesthetics of your device by using these phone cases for your Samsung phone.

2. Polycarbonate Cases

Polycarbonate Cases

Those Samsung back covers made from hard plastic like polycarbonate are among the safest options. Their high-end durability, flexibility, and resistance to withstand the impacts of accidental drops are unbelievable. Furthermore, they come with a scratch-resistant layer that provides additional security to the phone against scratches and scuffs.

Polycarbonate material is generally made to build hard cases to protect the corners, screen, back, and sides of the phone from possible damage. Its exceptionally high durability feature offers a prolonged shelf-life to the back case.

Polycarbonate cases are commonly popular among smartphone users. They are available in a wide range of vibrant colors, up-to-date designs on glossy matte finish, and creative patterns.

3.Leather Cases

Leather Cases

If you are looking for a back cover that protects your phone in style, a leather case is the right choice for you. The natural ruggedness of the leather offers premium protection to your device whilst giving it a sophisticated look.

The durability of premium leather remains unmatched. It lets the back cover act as armor to shield it against scratches and ravages of time. The intrinsic non-slip property of the material significantly minimizes the chances of it slipping from your hands.

Undoubtedly, leather cases offer a comfortable tactile sensation to their users. The texture of it, complemented by various designs, refashions the entire look of your phone. These cases might be generally a bit pricey, but it is worth it.

4. Faux-Leather Cases

Faux-Leather Cases

People who prefer cruelty-free products can purchase faux leather cases for their Samsung Galaxy devices. The cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance make it an ideal choice for people looking for back covers at affordable prices.

Due to its low-maintenance characteristic, the back cover always remains in a pristine condition. They exhibit impressive durability and provide long-lasting defense against scratches and nicks.

Unlike conventional leather cases, these faux leather covers reduce environmental impacts by being 100% eco-friendly. Just because they are made from animal-friendly materials does not mean they come in monotonous designs and styles. You have access to multiple options to choose from and upscale the aesthetics of the device.

5. Carbon Fibre Cases

Carbon Fibre Cases

Those Samsung cases are made from premium-quality carbon fiber and have a sturdy exterior. The inherent resistance property of this material lets the cover function as a protective shield against scratches and nicks. Moreover, the heat resistance quality minimizes the risk of damaging the device due to overheating.

Despite being tough, these cases do not add extra weight to the phone. They offer a comfortable grip, keeping the phone from falling.

Besides offering unmatched protection, they redesign the aesthetic of your device. The slim, sophisticated appeal of the back cover indeed enhances the overall style of the phone. By offering a two-in-one facility, functionality, and style in one back cover, carbon fiber cases are one of the best options for you.

What are the Other Factors to Consider while Selecting a Back Cover?

What are the Other Factors to Consider while Selecting a Back Cover?

Besides focusing on material, there are other factors to bear in mind while someone is searching for the best cover for their Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

1.   Compatibility

Ensure that whatever back cover one chooses must be compatible with the model of Samsung Galaxy they own. Otherwise, the product purchased and the efforts invested in deciding that, too, a wrong one, go in vain.

Therefore, double-check the model specifications and select the cover to avoid such mishaps. A compatible back cover will provide a snug fit and exceptional protection to your device. Moreover, it allows hassle-free access to all essential ports, buttons, and other features.

2.   Design and Style

It is not always about protection. A back cover must also reflect the personality of the user. They are accessories that help to redefine the device's visual appeal.

Back covers for Samsung Galaxy models come in a variety of styles and designs. Whether it's a Samsung Galaxy Z or Galaxy S24 Ultra, it's a guarantee that one will find a back cover that meets their requirement.

Go for the covers that appease your aesthetic sense and requirements. Those inclined towards minimalistic style can go for designs with subtle tones on the glossy or matted bodies. Conversely, people who prefer vibrant colors and bold designs can opt for the premium back covers with striking graphic prints and radiant colors.

The ones who prefer functionality over style can still amp the visual appearance of their device by choosing the industrial patterned back covers. These covers no longer have those monotonous designs as they have updated themselves according to recent trends and customer preferences.

3.   Brand Reputation

There are several sites selling Samsung covers online but one must always be aware of unregistered sites which are on the rise these days. They might have the exact product you are looking for surprisingly low prices, however, never fall for it.

Therefore, it is always advisable to purchase Samsung cases from companies or shopping sites having a well-established reputation and wide customer base. The advantage is that these companies or sites never compromise on quality, and cheat on their customers. Sites like BharatCase always prioritize customer satisfaction over anything else.

You can find Samsung cases with unique styles and designs. They meticulously curate cases with precise cutouts to provide a snug fit.

4.   Product reviews

The last but one of the most crucial steps is to take a quick view of the reviews posted by customers on the product page. Since they have original images of the products in that section, it gives an idea of how they look in real. Positive validations from customers who have purchased Samsung back covers from that particular site help to make the final decision.

What are the additional features to look for in your Samsung cases?

What are the additional features to look for in your Samsung cases?

Besides protecting the phone from possible dangers, it will be beneficial if a back cover offers other services. Therefore, at the time of selection, consider these additional features that enhance the overall functionality of a back cover.

1.   MagSafe Support

The advanced MagSafe feature in the back covers manufactured for Samsung Galaxy models enables seamless wireless charging. The powerful magnet ensures perfect alignment with the MagSafe charger. It is easily portable and eliminates the need to locate charging ports.

Never let your phone die on you by selecting a good MagSafe back cover. Additionally, in case of urgency, you can use the device while it is on charge without worrying about your safety.

2.   Inbuilt kickstand

Shoot videos and pictures, scroll through Instagram reels, or binge-watch Netflix series without tiring your hands. Select those cases that come with an integrated kickstand to support your device while you sit back and enjoy the show.

3.   Magnetic mounts

Some Samsung cases come with the high-tech feature of a magnetic mount. They offer a strong magnetic connection between the surface and the cover. This ensures that the phone stays in its place without slipping. Be it kitchen counters, refrigerators, or any surface compatible with a magnet, this feature in a phone back cover boosts the functionality of the phone cover.

These magnetic mounts are highly beneficial for navigating or attending an urgent call while driving. Also, thanks to the fantastic magnetic feature on the back covers, you can keep your mind at peace even on a bumpy ride.

Let's wrap up.

If anyone is struggling to choose one out of the plethora of premium Samsung back covers available online, fall back on these guidelines we have prepared for you. After following these steps, you can easily "add-to-cart" a back cover for your precious smartphone in no time.

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