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Are Phone Cases Actually Capable of Protecting Mobile Phones from Damage?

by bharat case 03 May 2024
Are Phone Cases Actually Capable of Protecting Mobile Phones from Damage?

Smartphones have become essential components of our daily lives in the contemporary world. Hence, these precious technological marvels deserve the best phone cases for optimal protection. The wide range of covers that reputed websites sell promises top-class protection for your device.

However, the buyers still ask, "Can these mobile covers protect my phone from damage?" The answer is always positive. Though it might not be true for all covers, the premium-quality covers do their job efficiently. The mobile stays safe from whatever damage comes its way.

How Do Mobile Covers Protect Your Phone from Damage?

It is a nightmare for every smartphone user to witness their phone slipping from their hand and shattering in front of their еyеs. To avoid this terror from becoming a reality, protecting these pocket-sized wonders has become extremely important.

This is where real-time heroes appear in the form of phone cases and covers. Let's take a glimpse of how these mobile covers protect your device from damage.

1. Withstands Shocks from Drops

There are several perks to having a mobile back cover for your phone. However, the one benefit we all enjoy is that the phone stays safe despite slipping accidentally from our hands or pockets. Mobile covers made of premium material are built in such a manner that they possess the ability to absorb the impacts of accidental drops.

The shock-absorbing material acts as a cushion and minimizes the risk of damage to the screen and the delicate internal components of the phone. This is a huge save for people with butterfingers who tend to trip on their toes too often.

2. Prevents Regular Wear and Tear

A mobile back cover offers basic protection against scratches, scruffs, and abrasions caused by regular wear and tear. It is an external protective armor that keeps the phone in pristine condition. Mobile covers efficiently maintain the phone's original visual aesthetics. You can say goodbye to scratch marks once and for all.

3. Resistance against Water and Heat

It is quite natural that one might accidentally spill or splash water on their smartphones and immediately go on a guilt trip. A mobile back cover can help you avoid that guilt in that situation. A phone case with raised bezels clamps onto the body of the phone, leaving no gaps for water ingress. Otherwise, it would lead to short circuits and hardware damage.

Though mobile phones have inherent ingress protection ratings, a waterproof back cover serves as an additional layer of armor against water spillages or even rainwater.

Besides saving your phone from water, phone cases safeguard the phone from heat. The heat-dissipation technology installed in some mobile covers regulates the temperature of the phone. As a result, it reduces the chances of overheating of the device.

4. Keeps a Check on Dust Accumulation 

Mobile covers can prevent dust accumulation on ports and other important openings. In addition to prevention, these phone covers can also shield the phone from dust and debris, reducing the risk of damage.

5 Tips for choosing the right back cover for your phone

5 Tips for choosing the right back cover for your phone

Purchasing any random phone cover online is not a wise decision at all. The entire process, from searching for the ideal back cover to making the payment, can sometimes be a bit tedious. But choosing the right back cover for your smartphone can be a cakewalk if you follow the tips mentioned below.

1. Identify your Requirements

Before purchasing anything, we always make a mind map of all the things we need. Then, according to those requirements, we make our purchase. The same theory applies to buying mobile phone covers. Identifying your requirements is essential when choosing a mobile case for your phone. This includes the kind of material you need, the type of lifestyle you lead, and the features you are looking for in a back cover.

2. Compatibility Check for a glove-like fit

The next factor that deserves your primary attention is the compatibility of the back cover. If the back cover of your phone does not match the phone model, it becomes a useless material. Therefore, to avoid this from happening, a compatibility check is a crucial step that the buyer must not avoid.

The reason is pretty simple. If you buy a back cover tailored for the Samsung S24 for an S23 model, it is obvious that the cover will either be bigger or smaller than the phone. If it is bigger in size, it will leave a gap between the edges and the cover. Or else it will be too tight for the phone to fit in. Unless and until the cover clamps to the body of the phone perfectly, it is not the ideal back cover for your phone.

3. Material does Matter

While reviewing the product description, we always look for the material, as it plays an important role when selecting a back cover. Mobile covers are made of various materials, each with a unique characteristic that makes them different from one another.

For instance, carbon fiber back covers are known for their extreme tensile strength and ability to withstand major impacts from accidental falls. Silicone mobile covers are highly affordable and come in a variety of patterns and designs to suit people's tastes and personalities. In a similar fashion, polycarbonate mobile covers are popular for being one of the most reliable materials that can provide top-notch protection to your phone.

4. Make Secured Choices from Branded Websites

People tend to think that the more reputed and popular a brand is, the better the material will be. This is indeed true to some extent. Their products clearly show skilled craftsmanship. The unique designs in their limited-edition collection of mobile covers, the precise cut-outs, and flawless finishing speak volumes about their expertise in this domain.

These brands prioritize customer satisfaction over anything else, which is why they prefer premium quality to quantity. To attract customers' attention to their websites, they regularly study market trends and manufacture or curate products accordingly.

Therefore, it is always advisable to shop from reputed websites that have a solid consumer base. Shopping from these websites reduces the chances of fraudulent cases and low-quality back covers.

5. Balance Quality and Cost

Determining the budget for your mobile phone cover is an essential step toward selecting the perfect back cover. If you have a price range set in mind, you can easily filter out a bunch of covers from the thousands of options available on a website.

Therefore, set a budget and look for options within that range that offer the perfect combination of decent protection, visual aesthetics, and outstanding features.

6 Types of Phone Cases to Protect Your Device from Damage

A wide range of materials are used in the production of phone cases. However, not all are the ideal options for your phone. Some might prefer back covers offering top-notch protection, whereas others prefer style over practicality. The types of back covers mentioned below are the most popular ones in the market.

1. Shockproof Drop Protection Back Covers

Shockproof Drop Protection Back Covers

A shockproof drop-back phone cover is the best and safest option for those with butter fingers. Those who work in harsh climatic conditions or lead an adventurous lifestyle can also opt for these covers.

The heavy build of these shockproof drop-back mobile cases makes them suitable for enduring any inconvenience. This back cover is a savior if the phone slides down from your pockets or suffers multiple drops.

The airbag feature installed in this back cover absorbs the impacts from accidental falls or slips. This way, the phone and its delicate internal components stay safe and intact. These covers are engineered so that no matter what height your phone falls from, it remains in one piece.

2. Heat Dissipation Back Covers

Heat Dissipation Back Covers

The major problem with smartphones is that they tend to heat up when used for a longer duration of time. Excessive heating of the internal components can damage the phone. The battery might even start melting due to the constant rise in temperature.

Engineers have developed heat-dissipating back covers to address this issue. People looking for a solution can purchase these mobile covers.

Heat dissipation phone cases are a technological wonder. These luxury phone covers and cases come in either with a perforated back or built-in mesh on the inner side. This feature effectively dissipates the heat from the phone to keep it at an optimal temperature. These designs give the phone a unique and trendy look and serve the purpose efficiently.

The perforated design acts as a ventilator and dissipates the heat that the phone generates, protecting your mobile phone from overheating. The best part of mobile covers of this kind is that they allow you to use them for an extended time. You can play mobile games and binge-watch new series on Netflix without inconvenience.

3. Silicone Back Covers

Silicone Back Covers

Silicone back covers have been dominating the market since time immemorial. The material's availability and affordability made it instantly popular among the masses. Silicone back covers can never go out of style. They are the perfect blend of fashion and functionality.

These phone covers show extreme flexibility and elasticity. Due to these qualities, the back cover clamps onto the phone tightly and gives a snug fit to the device. Hence, they offer supreme protection to the device in the most efficient manner.

Its inherent waterproof nature and durability deserve appreciation. Silicone mobile covers tend to withstand the test of time without showing signs of breaking or deteriorating. The soft texture of the material provides a smooth tactile sensation when you hold the phone in your hand. On top of this, they do not add to the bulk weight and are, hence, really lightweight, making them easy to carry around.

The advantage of purchasing silicone back covers online is that you can browse a vast collection of covers in various designs, patterns, textures, and prints. This covers the preferences of minimalists and funky and vibrant designers.

4. Polycarbonate Phone Cases

Polycarbonate Phone Cases

Polycarbonate is one of the best hard plastic materials for making back covers for optimal protection. These back covers are famous for their extraordinary tensile strength, durability, and resistance. These mobile cases demonstrate quality and panache in a single go.

Polycarbonate mobile cases are sturdy and are a solid defensive shield for your phone. The inbuilt shockproof feature of the material enables it to withstand the impacts of accidental falls, bumps, and drops. It also protects the phone from minor scratches, abrasions, and regular wear and tear. You can easily keep your phone anywhere with peace of mind.

Apart from these benefits, the best part about these cases is that they are super lightweight. This feature enables the user to carry their phone without the pressure of feeling an excess weight on their hands, pockets, or bags. Additionally, it provides a better grip on the phone that minimizes the risk of accidental drops.

5. Carbon fiber Back Covers & Cases

Carbon fiber Back Covers & Cases

If a smartphone user wants a back cover that provides the best-in-class protection, they can definitely go for carbon fiber cases. These mobile covers are the finest products in the industry and guarantee unmatched protection for your phone. No matter what life throws at your phone, the carbon fiber mobile cases will keep it safe and sound till the end.

The rugged and industrial-style back covers that you find in the online market are generally made of carbon fiber. The material's sturdiness, longevity, and impeccable durability enable the case to protect your phone from all vulnerabilities. These cases are tailored to align with your lifestyle, choice, and preferences.

One of the splendid features of carbon fiber back covers is that they weigh less than steel despite providing twice the security of steel. Their intrinsic capability to endure impacts and excess heat, combined with their waterproof characteristics, make these back covers super reliable.

They are basically manufactured at extreme temperatures so that they face no problems in the real world. Therefore, the carbon fiber back cover protects your device from scratches, scruffs, and abrasions from regular wear and tear.

6. Leather Cases

Leather Cases

For anyone looking for protection in style, leather cases are the ideal back cover. Genuine leather cases are the epitome of sheer elegance and class, and they are always the best.

These mobile covers are made of premium-quality leather, and you can imagine the level of protection they are capable of providing. Along with its aristocratic charm, these leather cases offer timeless protection to your phone.

The durability of top-tier premium-quality leather cases remains unmatched to date. Their pleasing tactile sensation, minimalistic design, and unique texture make them desirable among smartphone users. Additionally, a standout feature is their breathability factor, which helps to maintain the phone's temperature and prevent the cover from overheating.

Wrapping it Up!

Now that we are at the end of this article, it becomes clear that phone cases can actually protect your device from damage. They can protect your phone from accidental drops to minor scratches and scruff from regular usage. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and shop now! The ideal back cover awaits you.

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