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TPU Case Vs Silicone Case: Which Mobile Back Cover is Better and Why?

by bharat case 13 May 2024
TPU Case Vs Silicone Case: Which Mobile Back Cover is Better and Why?

TPU & silicone are the two most trending choices for mobile back covers in 2024. A perfect blend of durability and affordability makes these covers stand out. But which one should you choose? TPU case vs silicone case is a comprehensive debate that requires many considerations.

The phone case market size is expected to grow by USD 13.33 billion between 2023 & 2027. The greater number of phone users would mean a great number of people potentially going for phone cases. This makes choosing the right one even more essential.

Mobile covers come in various materials. Metal, rubber, & plastic cases are available. Both TPU and silicone cases have the biggest market share because of their many benefits.

The following guide is going to take a deep dive into TPU & silicone cases. The pros & cons of both these mobile covers may make the decision easier for you.

Let’s get straight to it:

What is a TPU Mobile Case?

What is a TPU Mobile Case?

TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. It is a thermoplastic elastomer material made of chains the block copolymer. Plastic, elastic, & rubber are used to make the TPU cases.

Elasticity & transparency are two of the primary features of the material. Resistance to oil & grease as well as abrasion makes it an ideal choice for mobile back covers. The high elasticity of TPU cases makes them highly shock absorbent.

Abrasion-resistant features add to the structural integrity of the phone case. TPU cases are highly likely to deliver long-term performance. The rigid composition of these cases makes them difficult to break.    

Why Choose a TPU Mobile Case?

TPU cases come with incredible features. The composition of these cases is ideal for individuals who want maximum protection for their phones. Here is a brief look at the pros of TPU mobile cases:

1. Made with Hard Plastic

TPU cases are difficult to dent or crush. They can’t be pierced easily. The hard plastic construction of the cases makes them virtually unbreakable. The phone’s edges & covered parts stay 100% protected with a TPU mobile back cover.

2. Wider Coverage

TPU cases cover your entire phone. Most cases come with sufficient coverage for the buttons as well. This means that your entire phone stays protected. The wider coverage adds to the performance of the case in protecting against falls.

3. Great Handgrip

A soft yet firm handgrip is important for mobile covers. The usage experience gets affected if the cover makes the grip hard. TPU is a cover material offering an incredible grip. The phone will never slip from your hold.

4. Biodegradable

This is an important factor in the TPU case Vs silicone case comparison. Most plastic covers are not eco-friendly. That adds to the environmental waste as they don’t undergo biodegradation. The biodegradable nature of TPU cases makes them a perfect choice for eco-conscious individuals.

5. Customization Options

You can find TPU cases in a variety of styles & patterns. You can get them in several colors as per your preference. The customization options with TPU and silicone are endless. The variety of options in TPU cases adds to the allure of these mobile covers.

Cons of TPU Mobile Cases

Below is a breakdown of the downsides of TPU mobile cases:

1. May Feel Heavy

The sturdy construction comes with a drawback. Your phone may feel a bit heavy with the TPU covers on. The additional weight is a key downside of the TPU cases. Your phone will be easy to use but the difference in weight will be noticeable. On the other hand, silicone phone cases are relatively lightweight.

2. Expensive

The longevity features of TPU material come with a heavy price tag. A TPU case is generally high-priced. Still, the value is worth the money. The decision gets easier when you consider the long-term benefits of TPU mobile back covers.

3. May Turn Yellow with Time

Cheaper TPU cases can lose color fast. High-end ones may also turn yellow with time. Prolonged exposure to heat may speed up the process. Avoid contact with heat sources like sunrays or artificial heat to maintain the cover’s appearance.

4. Less Durable Than Silicone Cases

TPU case vs silicone case comparison gets interesting when you consider durability. TPU phone cases last a long time. There is no doubt about it. However, silicone cases offer a higher level of durability than TPU cases.

What is a Silicone Case?

What is a Silicone Case?

Silicone phone cases are soft & flexible. The material is rubber-like & protects your phone from wear & tear. The slim build of these cases covers your phone entirely. The flexible nature comes with a very lightweight feel.

Heat resistance is the main benefit of silicone cases. The cases are thermal & electrical insulators which makes them ideal to use even under harsh conditions.

An important factor in our TPU case vs silicone Case debate is the number of sales. Silicone cases are the highest-selling mobile phone cases out there. Incredible features of the cases are combined with the cheaper price range. You can get a high-quality case for you based on your style & color preferences.  

Why Choose Silicone Cases?

Silicone cases have always been in huge demand. A positive reputation contributes to its massive sales numbers. Below is a look at the benefits of silicone cases:

1. Flexible Build

Flexibility is one of the key benefits of silicone cases. You can put them on your phone without any hassle. Worrying about accidental scratches when putting the cover on is a thing. This is not an issue with silicone cases. You can bend them as much as you want and they maintain their shape.

2. Soft Build for Easier Usage

Silicone is known for being soft. The silicone cases offer a rubber-like feel that promotes easier usage. The softer feel makes it easier for you to press all the buttons on the phone. You won’t have to apply unnecessary pressure to use the buttons. They are easily workable with the cover on.

3. Wide Range of Quality Grades

Different types & quality grades are available for silicone cases. You’d be able to find the one that meets your budget. Higher-end cases long longer but they can be expensive. Finding a silicone phone case within your price & quality requirements is possible.

4. Firmly Cover Your Phone

The molding properties of silicone cover your entire phone firmly. The seamless feel of buttons adds to the experience for the user. It doesn’t feel much different than actually pressing the buttons of your phone. 

5. Shock-Absorption

Shock-absorbing properties are also worth noting. They might not be as good as the TPU cases. But they get the job done. These cases are more water resistant which makes these cases a great choice. The covers don’t lose their appearance so fast.

6. Washable

You can wash a dirt silicone cover to make it look as good as new. Cases with light color tones may gather dust & dirt. You can easily take the covers off and give them a good wash underwater. Avoid using any chemical cleaning solution as it may affect the color or the durability of the case.  

7. Durable than TPU Cases

The durability features of silicone cases are better than TPU cases. Individuals looking to maximize the longevity of the cover & their phone may want to opt for silicone cases. TPU cases are durable tools. But silicone mobile back covers take the lead in comparison.

8. Lightweight

These covers are usually not as heavy as TPU cases. The soft build makes the covers feel less bulky. There are many types of covers available. All of them completely cover your phone. The impact of weight is minimal. The feel of the weight may vary based on the type of silicone cases you have purchased for your phone.

Cons of Silicone Cases

Silicone cases have certain drawbacks as well. Let’s look at some of them:

1. Less Trustworthy During Falls

Silicone cases are not as trustworthy as TPU cases during the fall. You need an extra case to ensure that your phone doesn’t get damaged. The device can survive minor falls with silicone cases but intense falls can be bad.

2. May Not Handle High Temperatures Well

Poor performance at high temperatures is the main disadvantage. Friction can also cause wear & tear. The heat may make certain cases sticky. Avoiding exposure to high temperatures is a major concern with silicone cases. This point carries a lot of weight in our TPU case Vs silicone case comparative analysis.

3. Attracts Dirt & Debris

Silicone cases may contain static electricity that carries dirt particles. This makes them get dirt faster than in other cases. You can wash the covers easily. But it still feels like a hassle sometimes.

4. Loses Color Fast

Silicone cases lose color with time. The color may fade away after a few months. Material degradation over time is the reason for discoloration. Avoid exposure to UV rays from the sun & heat exposure to minimize discoloration.

How to Choose the Right Case for Your Phone?

How to Choose the Right Case for Your Phone?

Mobile back covers are ideal for protecting your phone. Drops & scratches are inevitable with time. It doesn’t matter how much you care for the device. Choosing the right case minimizes the risk of these mishaps.

Consider the following tips for choosing the right case for your mobile phone:

1. Consider Durability

Durability differs from material to material. You may want to do proper research on different phone case materials. Silicone and TPU cases stand out in terms of durability. The covers offer that with a lower price tag. Metal & wooden cases may also be considered based on your preference.

2. Protection Features

Shock absorption & water-resistance features are offered in most cases. Some come with reinforced edges for better protection of the corners. Protection against drops & catches also matters. Understand the protection features of the case before finalizing your decision.   

3. Comfort

The phone case should be comfortable. It should be perfectly in your hand. The weight of the case matters as well. The cover should not add a lot to the weight of the phone. The grip matters too. Make sure that the cover doesn’t fall off easily from your hands. All the buttons on your phone should be easy to use as well.

4. Design Options

The design of the case should match your style preferences. You can find various styles out there. The right color that matches your style should be your priority. The design options are endless in each material. You can also get customized phone cases designed with your choice of aesthetics.

5. Value for Money

The phone case should offer long-term performance. Cheaper ones may not last for as long. Buy high-end cases that provide the right value for money. Aesthetics appeal should be considered but value for money has to be your preference. You need to consider that over other factors.


The TPU case vs silicone case debate has been long overdue. You want the best option that meets your style & budget preferences.  We have highlighted the properties & features of both cases. The disadvantages have been discussed here as well. The details mentioned in this article may help you make an informed decision about buying a phone case.    

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