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How To Choose the Best iPhone Cases and Covers: A Comprehensive Guide

by Gaurav sharma 16 Jun 2023
How To Choose the Best iPhone Cases and Covers: A Comprehensive Guide - Bharatcase

Personalizing your smartphone by using accessories like cases, will not only enhance its exterior but make it look stand out. But choosing a phone case online often becomes difficult! Sometimes you might not find the one that suits your style or sometimes it might not provide uncompromised protection.

In fact, with the availability of multiple iPhone cases and cover options on various sites, you might often get confused. This will also disrupt your decision-making ability to make a choice.

So, how can you choose the best iPhone cases in India? One of the primary things that you should keep in mind while buying is the quality of the material used in making cases.

Most of the smartphone cases available in the market are usually made of low-grade plastic cases. This takes over 500 years to decompose and also poses a potential threat to the environment. Also, the cases might get discoloration after a few months of usage.

Apart from this, there are a number of other factors that you need to consider before buying your iPhone cases. So, if you want to protect your expensive iPhones from accidental drops and scratches, consider buying premium back covers.

We at Bharat Case provide premium-quality phone cases at pocket-friendly prices.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an iPhone Case

factors to consider

In order to make quick and effective decisions without falling into the trap of a plethora of suggested options on the internet, it’s important to consider a few things. Before we discuss more about the type of iPhone case available online, we need to clear some doubts.

Let us discuss some common factors that one should consider while buying any iPhone case.


phone compatibility

Sometimes we face a dilemma when we love the cover that comes with an iPhone 14 but we own an iPhone 13. It also arises when we own multiple iPhone models and we want to interchange the covers while buying a new one. But in most cases, it seems incompatible to adjust!

Let’s say, the dimensions of both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are compatible with each other. Thus, their cases and covers can be used interchangeably.

Similarly, iPhone 13 cases will fit iPhone 14 but it won't work the other way around. As there is a 0.01-inch depth difference.

Thus, brands manufacture more compatible accessories for their devices as they pay attention to every minute detail. This is why they provide better fit and adaptability.

Screen Protection

Screen Protection

As we buy iPhone covers, we don’t need any more protection! Some of us easily assume that an iPhone back cover automatically protects the screen of the phone from all kinds of damage, since Apple claimed that it made the hardest phone screen. Well, let me break the ice, that’s not the case.

It’s recommended to get a tempered glass screen protector instead of a plastic protector. This is because the former one deflects the scratches more effectively. Also, consider choosing tempered screen protection with 9H rating hardness for more effectiveness.

Moreover, screen protectors should be used in conjunction with a case for better scratch protection. This will protect the screen from direct contact and will also prevent it from impacting its sides and corners.

Identify your Requirements

Identify your Requirements

It is essential for us to jot down our needs and purpose before buying iPhone cases online. Some of the common factors we take into consideration include durability, designs, and colors.

Apart from these common things, there are some other things as well which people look for in iPhone cases in India. This includes cases that come with accessories like a lanyard attached to the case or that come with the latest MagSafe technology.

Consider the Grip

Consider the Grip

Well, how strongly we hold our phone is determined by its grip. Let us break it down to understand it better!

Suppose a person has a small palm size, he/she won’t be able to hold a bigger device within the grasp of their grip. This will automatically increase the chance of dropping down the device. However, the risk can be easily reduced if the person uses the device with an iPhone back cover.

On the contrary, not all iPhone cases online provide enhanced grip technology which supports every grip size.

We, at Bharat Case, provide the best iPhone cases in India with innovative designs. It has edgy cushions that provide better gripping to all palms. Also, it aids in drop protection with a secure grip.

The Thickness of the Case

The Thickness of the Case

Some of us prefer a rough and tough case which looks sturdy while some prefer a slim case which gives our device an elegant and classy look. The choice of selection sometimes depends on our current state of mind.

Choosing a case with added accessories can also increase the width of the case. It’s critical to choose wisely so that we don't clutter our thoughts. Who said that the right case with an accessory like a kickstand can’t be sleek? You just need the right options to choose from.

If you want to explore sleek cases with your preferred accessories and designs we recommend you visit our home page Bharat Case. As we have top-rated mobile case covers that will meet your expectations without any hesitations!

Budgeting and Planning

Budgeting and Planning

We all know that this is important but we don’t want to do it. Most of us ignore the importance of budgeting because seeing real figures on paper freaks us out.

Choosing the right iPhone case online at the right price seems quite a strenuous task. Setting your requirements right and not compromising quality will benefit you in the long run.

Since the protection of the device is one of the main criteria, choose a trusted website like Bharat Case to buy iPhone covers. This will make your life easier without regrets. You can also check our customer reviews section to ensure that we promise quality and durability for our products.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

Brand Reputation and Reviews

There’s an old saying that it takes years to build a good reputation and only one moment to break it.

When we buy online, we often get the thought of getting cheated through some fraudulent website. Sometimes, it also happens that we are provided with something else rather than what we were promised. How to ascertain that a brand is authentic?

Well! for starters, any brand with an authentic, real existence will mention the name of the company at the bottom of the website. If not, it’s a fake website. You can also check their registered office under the name of the company.

The Contact Us tab should also be there with a valid email id or contact number. Next, there will be social media handles with real followers and reviews. You can also look out for the testimonials shared by their customers on their website.

A good brand reputation is always followed by reviews and testimonials shared by happy customers.

If you have read till here, I can assure you are halfway to buying your iPhone cases online. Once you have ruled out the ifs and buts, it's easy for you to choose.

Different Types of iPhone Cases Available

Different Types of iPhone Cases

After taking a look at the multiple factors that will help you to narrow down your choice for your iPhone cases, now take a deep dive into the sheer variety of cases we offer.

At Bharat Case, we have a wide range of iPhone cases and covers that suit your purpose and zeal.

MagSafe Cases: Provides New-Tech Experience

New-Tech Experience MagSafe Cases

The newly-introduced MagSafe cases offer wireless charging technology to the iPhone series. The MagSafe cases deliver a magnetic alignment experience which sticks with the charger. Also, these cases are exclusively designed for iPhone 12, 13, and 14 models. Not all affordable cases are MagSafe compatible, so choose wisely.

Transparent Cases: Offers Crystal Clear Protection

Crystal Clear case

We all spend a fortune to get our favourite coloured smartphone but hardly get an opportunity to flaunt it. Why?

Mostly, because there is hardly any transparent case which doesn’t turn yellow.

It might sound too good to be true but we, at Bharat Case, offer anti-yellow transparent iPhone covers. These not only seem elegant but also provide military-grade protection. They come with scratch-resistant materials for longevity.

Silicon Cases: Embrace its Flexibility and Protectiveness

Silicon iPhone Cases

These iPhone cases are built with rubber-like material i.e. liquid silicone. These are made up of silica and oxygen backbone called the polysiloxane chain. It offers a haptic feeling which is close to human skin.

One of the critical features of a silicon case is that it is dust-proof and fingerprint resistant. Being textured, these silicon cases offer good grip and thus prevent phones from slipping down from hands.  

Rugged Cases: Built for the Wild

Rugged Cases

If you are someone who works in a harsh environment and tough weather conditions, then rugged cases will be the right fit for you. These cases usually have too much bulk which makes it a little inconvenient to slide them from our pockets. But it can survive multiple drops.

Being made with waterproof technology, it allows you to use your phone with wet hands. Rugged cases are designed in a way that covers every angle including buttons and a touchscreen. This makes it harder to press and significantly reduces the touchscreen sensitivity.

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating limits the case’s ability to withstand water and dust. In some cases, manufacturers have gone further and provided extra protection through military standards to protect from any external forces like pressure, temperature, vibration and impact.

Slim or Basic Cases: Go-to Type Perfectly for All Ages

Slim or Basic Cases

If you’re not the flamboyant type and like to keep things simple, then going for a basic/slim case is the right option for you. The best part is you don’t have to spend big on slim cases. Also, they are great for providing a basic level of protection.

Not all of us are the clumsy type, right?

At Bharat Case, you will find an extensive range of iPhone styles and colours available in this category. They are durable and slightly moldable, thus quite easy to fit.

Folio Cases

folio iPhone cases

Folio cases, commonly known as wallet cases, serve as an excellent alternative to traditional cases. If you’re looking for something premium in folio cases, then genuine leather is the best option.

Most folio iPhone cases are made from PU(Polyurethane), which is commonly known as “vegan leather”. It is said to be strong but prone to cracking over a period of time. PU is considered to be a smelly material and leaves an unpleasant odour, especially when wet.

One of the main features of owning these cases is that it provides the best protection from dust and any spoilage over your phone. Even some designed folio cases display time and notifications without even opening the cases through a transparent window.

Narrowing it down!

Choosing an ideal case or cover for your iPhone can be an intriguing decision. Hope this blog has helped you in narrowing down your decision of purchasing premium cases and covers for your iPhone models. At Bharat Case, we have an extensive variety of iPhone cases and covers available at different designs that you can easily buy online!



1. Are Clear Cases a Good Choice for Showcasing the iPhone's Design?

Yes, clear/transparent cases are made for consumers who love to showcase their phone colour/brand. It provides a crystal clear view of the device with the protection.

2. How do iPhone Cases Protect Your Device from Damage?

Depending on the brand and the type of case you choose, the grade of protection depends accordingly. Ex: A bumper case is best for the protection of your device as they offer military-grade protection. But they are very hard to use as they are very bulky and heavy with stiff button covers.

Similarly, if you choose transparent or other cases which come with air-cushioned corners for shock absorption, then you might find just the right case with the best protection. We, at Bharat Case, provide the best protection regardless of the type of cover you choose.

3. Are Leather Cases worth the Investment for iPhone Users?

Well, it depends on the fact that how badly you want leather and what’s your requirement. If you are someone who loves to own leather products, then go for it. But one word of advice: it's really hard to find real leather, hence most of them are fake.

However, if you want to buy a leather folio case for protection, then it might not be a good option to choose from. I would recommend going for leather hard skin back covers from Bharat Case which offers better protection.

4. How Do Magnetic Cases and Covers Work with an iPhone?

Well, there is a magnetic accessories case which comes with a folio case that opens and closes similarly to a wallet. Then there are the newly launched MagSafe cases which have magnets at the base of the cover to support wireless charging.

So, before buying a MagSafe phone back cover, you should check closely. This is because most of them claim to be MagSafe but don’t come with magnets.

5. Can You Wirelessly Charge your iPhone with a Case On?

Yes, regardless of whether it has magnets or not, you can wirelessly charge your iPhone device as it is based on the Qi charging technology. Every case at Bharat Case supports wireless charging. However, the MagSafe cases have magnets which help them to attach to the charging device so that it doesn’t fall off the charger while charging wirelessly.

6. Can You Use a Third-Party iPhone Case without Voiding the Warranty?

The warranty is only limited to iPhone models, not the cases. Regardless of the type of cases you choose, the warranty of the iPhone models will not be affected.

7. Where Can I Find a New Phone Case?

When we are buying a new phone, a new phone case is a must accessory which we intuitively tend to buy. But choosing the right cover is a challenge with so many brands claiming bogus features, it’s easy for us to get cheated on. More, you can follow our website's new arrivals phone cases page to see which latest covers have arrived in the market and be the first to get them.

We, at Bharat Case, provide genuine phone covers which are tested and proven to be the best in the industry. Our loyal customer reviews and testimonials give us the motivation to serve you better!

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