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Breaking News: iPhone 15 Launch Date Confirmed! Here's What to Expect

by Gaurav sharma 17 Jul 2023
Breaking News: iPhone 15 Launch Date Confirmed! Here's What to Expect - Bharatcase

The exclusive word on the street is that Apple is gearing up to launch the latest iPhone 15 series in 2023! In a classic Apple move, they created extreme hype for the iPhone 15 mobile even before announcing the release date. But if the latest iPhone 15 rumors are to be believed, then the release date of the phone may not be very far away. Let's see what we have found about the iPhone 15 series till now.

iPhone 15 Specifications

Apple will not release any official specifications for the new iPhone 15 series before the launch date. However, that is not stopping expert analysts from predicting some features that are expected to hit the latest iPhone 15 mobile.


Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the new iPhone 15 mobile will run on an upgraded Ultra-wideband processor or the 'U1' chip. This will enhance the user experience of the company's latest AR headset, the Vision Pro.

The new iPhone 15 specifications may also include UWB. That can enhance your Apple Air Tag and also unlock your car when you connect it to your phone.


The iPhone 15 mobile is supposed to be all set to support a 15W wireless charging system. It will use the latest Qi2 open standard. Since Apple had previously limited wireless charging to 7.5W, this will be a huge step up for all the eager fans of the new iPhone 15 series.


According to iPhone 15 rumors, the highest version of the series, i.e. the iPhone 15 pro max model will feature a periscope-style telephoto lens. Main (wide) 48MP, f/1.8 or Sony IMX903 sensor, ultra-wide and telephoto. This style of lens will allow even more than 6 times zoom features. This feature is supposed to give steady competition to its rival, the Samsung Galaxy S22, which has 10x Ultra zoom.

iPhone 15 Design

iPhone 15 Design

Predictably, the iPhone 15 mobile will likely not have any major changes in its design. But of course, fans can expect a few changes here and there. According to Apple iPhone leaks, the dynamic island design, which was available only on the highest iPhone 14 mobile will be available even on standard sets of the iPhone 15 series.

One of the major changes in the iPhone 15 series is the upgrade from lightning to USB C ports. iPhone 15 USB C ports will majorly increase the charging speed by a lot. Another great prediction about the iPhone 15 mobile is the buttons. In the upper models of the iPhone 15 series, apple is supposedly switching to solid-state power and volume buttons in place of the current standard keys.

Solid-state buttons will mimic the feel of pressing the keys by sensing the haptic feedback. This will look incredibly stylish. Another added advantage of solid-state buttons is that there are no chances of water entering through the buttons, unlike with keys.

iPhone 15 Colors

iPhone 15 Colors

Standard iPhone models are widely available in many colors. until a few years ago, the most popular choices were neutral colors like black, grey, white and beige. Recently, however, the youth is preferring iPhones that have vibrant colors like red, blue, gold and others.

In the latest iPhone 15 mobile, we can expect the standard popular iPhone 15 colors like black, blue, red and rose gold. Apart from these, news about Apple iPhone 15 leaks say that we can also expect some new colors like cyan, olive and wine-red. Other than that, the Pro models may also come with a gradient finish.

Apple iPhone 15 Price

Apple iPhone 15 Price

Although fans have been waiting eagerly to get the official iPhone 15 specifications, we can't say the same for the price. Obviously, the new iPhone 15 series will go above and beyond the current price range. The official price range has not been disclosed yet but experts are predicting that the iPhone 15 price in India is expected to start from a range of Rs.82,000 for the lower models, and is estimated to go up to Rs.1,50,000.

Although that is a steep price to pay for a mobile phone, fans of the iPhone 15 mobile are nevertheless very excited to get their hands on a brand-new phone from the iPhone 15 series.

Apple iPhone 15 Release Date 2023

Apple iPhone 15 Release Date 2023

Long-waiting fans of the brand have only one question, (When will iPhone 15 be released?) We know that the phone is set to be released in 2023. While Apple wants to keep the release date secret; the iPhone 15 rumors regarding the official release date have been speculated by several experts.

Apple is known for releasing most of its tech in September. Apple iPhone leaks predict that the iPhone 15 series can also be expected to be released during this time of the year. Experts have also examined further into the release date.

Apparently, Apple prefers to release all its phones in the first half of September, that too on Tuesdays. That is why our guess is that the Apple iPhone 15 release date will either be 5th September or 12th September. These dates both fall on Tuesdays and also come up in the first half of September. So, we estimate that the new iPhone 15 series will most likely be released on one of these dates.

iPhone 15 Mobile Variants

iPhone 15 Mobile Variants

Like all the previous iPhone series, the iPhone 15 series is all set to enter the market with supposedly not one or two but about four variant models. The iPhone 15 rumors suggest that the model lineup will look something like this:

  • iPhone 15
  • iPhone 15 Plus
  • iPhone Pro
  • iPhone Pro Max

iPhone 15 Accessories

iPhone 15 Accessories

In 2023, it is very trendy to accessorize your iPhones. iOS power banks, chargers and Airpods are the most popular accessories that are absolutely necessary for iPhones. But when it comes to safety, you should not risk it as well. Your iPhone has the risk of falling from your hands accidentally and getting damaged. This is why you should accessorize your iPhone 15 mobile easily with cases and covers that look good and are sturdy as well.

Some people think that cases will make their iPhone 15 mobiles look bad. This is so not true. BharatCase is all set to launch the best and most sturdy covers and cases for your iPhone that will not only protect your iPhone 15 mobile from external damage but also make them look way cooler.

BharatCase deals with authentic MagSafe and premium phone covers as well, and now you can get the best sales and discounts on them. What are you waiting for? Check out BharatCase for the best mobile cases that will protect your iPhones and make them look gorgeous as well.


To this very day, iPhones can be called a stellar move in the advancement of technology. Apple keeps bringing new technologies to the market with state-of-the-art features, designs and colors. In September 2022, apple released the brand new iPhone 14 model, and it was a big hit! iPhone 14 became so popular in just a short time. This success has hyped up the arrival of the iPhone 15 mobile and the iPhone 15 rumors say that this is going to be an even bigger hit than the previous models. Experts estimate that the iPhone 15 series will quickly take over the market globally.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Will iPhone 15 have a button?

According to the latest iPhone 15 rumors, your iPhone 15 mobile may get solid-state buttons that will mimic the feel of pressing real keys with haptic sensory technology.

2- What's so special about iPhone?

Apple uses special high-end technologies in their iPhones which are yet to be found in phone models of its rival brands. Although mobile brands are a matter of personal preference, these features make iPhones more popular in the market and give them a special advantage over others. The latest iPhone 15 series is all set to add to the brand's ongoing success later this year.

3- Is iPhone 15 any good?

The iPhone 15 series is the new and upcoming model from Apple. It has already created much hype and noise even before the announcement of the release date. Of course, fans and experts are speculating about the features and if these rumors are to be believed, then the iPhone 15 mobile will be the very best model to come out of Apple till now.

4- Is iPhone 15 better than iPhone 14?

We can't say if the new iPhone 15 series will be a better model than iPhone 14. We can only say that the iPhone 15 rumors suggest that it will have much more new features in addition to iPhone 14 features. In the long run, only fans will decide which is better among the two.

5- Does the iPhone 15 turn off?

Yes. All iPhone models can be turned off. The same goes for the new iPhone 15 mobile. You just have to go to general settings, select the shutdown option and then drag the slider on your screen.

6- Will iPhone 15 have USB-C?

No official information about the latest iPhone 15 series has been released to the public. But iPhone 15 rumors strongly suggest the possibility of the series finally getting a break from the old lightning port and switching to a USB C port for better charging speeds and user experience. This is very good news for the fans.

7- How big will the iPhone 15 be?

The iPhone 15 series will have four different variations just like the previous phones. So fans can expect not one or two but four different sizes from Apple. According to experts, the basic model will be 6.1 inches long. On the other hand, the biggest variation is supposedly going to be 6.7 inches.

8- Will iPhone 15 have 4 cameras?

Like precious models, the number of cameras really depends on the iPhone 15 mobile variation. The basic model will have at least two cameras. The highest model will probably have four or more cameras.

9- Will iPhone 15 look different?

Apple has a habit of surprising fans constantly by changing not only the features but also the looks of iPhone models. But nobody is complaining! The iPhone 15 mobile is not going to be any different. iPhone can feature the classic dynamic island look or even decide to make the display bezel-less. It is possible that the iPhone 15 series will also feature much more color variants. Prepare to be surprised by whatever comes!

10- Will iPhone 15 have 2TB of storage?

While there are very less chances for the basic and lower variants of the iPhone 15 series to get a 2TB storage space, we can not completely rule out the possibility in the highest version of the series. Many analysts and experts believe that Apple is going to extend the internal storage up to 2TB in the top variant of the iPhone 15 series. Only time will tell! 

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