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How to Choose the Best Silicone Phone Cases & Covers for Your Mobile: A Wholesome Guide

by bharat case 08 Apr 2024
How to Choose the Best Silicone Phone Cases & Covers for Your Mobile: A Wholesome Guide

Silicone Phone cases are the most popular phone covers in the market. Thanks to its immense worldwide fan base, several online shopping sites leverage its high demand as a profitable business scope. The surge in demand has led to the manufacturing of a myriad range of silicone covers available online.

However, not all cases are worthwhile. That's where your responsibilities as a customer make an appearance. While choosing a back cover, one should always consider a few crucial criteria for better protection of the phone. Being aware of advantages and drawbacks is a necessity in the process of selecting a phone case.

Advantages of Using Silicone Back Cover for Your Phone

Using a silicone back cover for your phone, be it an Apple or Android, serves you in more than one way. Get a glimpse of the advantages of using a silicone back cover from the list below.

  • Flexibility: The rubber-like material of the covers is extremely flexible and soft. This ensures a snug fit which enhances the overall look of the phone.
  • Durability: The durability of the cover makes it long-lasting and passes the test of time. The inherent impact-resistant nature of the cover makes it a popular choice.
  • Easy Cleaning: Silicone cases are super easy to clean. Hence, the cover is always spick and span.
  • Firm Grip: Back covers made from silicone offer a good and comfortable grip on your phone. This minimizes the chances of accidental drops.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Silicone Back Cover for the Phone

Things to Consider While Choosing a Silicone Back Cover for the Phone

While browsing online shopping sites for the ideal back cover for your phone, there are certain pointers to keep in mind. Since it is a matter of protection, you must choose a mobile back cover that ensures optimal safety of the phone. The entire process might be time-consuming but it is worth the effort.

  • Size: Selecting the first phone cover that steals your attention is never the right way. One needs to make sure whether the cover is tailored for the model of phone they are using. A back cover for the Samsung S24 will not fit a Samsung S22 model. Therefore, checking the size specifications of the cover is necessary before you hit the “add to cart” button.
  • Protection: Not all back covers offer the same protection to the device. Try filtering the back covers according to the kind of protection you are seeking. In most cases, branded back covers usually provide a decent degree of protection enough to safeguard the case from minor impacts. There are different kinds of back covers based on protection degree. The list involves Waterproof, Shockproof, Drop Proof, and Dust Proof Silicone phone cases. Pick your pick.
  • Style: The back cover is a fashion statement, not just a case protecting your phone. Silicone back covers come in a wide range of variants. Starting from minimalist designs to cool and vibrant ones, it appeases the tastes and preferences of many people. They also come in transparent designs, industrial looks, and sometimes 3D ones.
  • Cost: Setting the budget beforehand eases the entire process of selecting a back cover for your phone. Since phone covers come in a wide range of price, budgeting is necessary. Usually, silicone cases are affordable. However, if you seek extremely branded and premium ones with added features they might go heavy on the wallet. For instance, heavy-duty silicone cases are generally expensive.

Top Features to Look For in Silicone Phone Cases

While choosing a silicone back case for your device, make certain to follow the points mentioned below. It is a guarantee that the cover that goes to your cart is going to be your best pick to date. Consider these features and choose accordingly.

1. Waterproof and Shock Resistant

Waterproof and Shock Resistant

The worst nightmare of every smartphone user is the probability of it getting ruined by impacts or water. Hence, the protection of the device from accidental drops and liquids is of primary importance. Here comes the silicone phone cases in shining armor.  

Back covers manufactured from silicone cases are water-resistant and possess shockproof properties. Even if the phone comes into direct contact with water or moisture, the back cover keeps it safe. It offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing their phone is safe even if it falls into a pool of water.

Additionally, if the phone drops from a significant height accidentally, the cover acts as a cushion at such times. It shields the phone like the Iron Man suit and secures the delicate components from sustaining heavy impacts. Though the material is soft, yet it absorbs the impact shocks from accidental drops or bumps. This way the phone remains safe from scratches, scuffs, and major dents.

2. Improved and Comfortable Grip

Improved and Comfortable Grip

It often happens that the phone slips from your hand while you are talking over a call and the rest is history. If you want to keep your phone from slipping from your hands like a slime, grab one of the silicone phone cases available in the online market. Free yourself from the frustration and irritation of slippery phones due to sweaty or wet hands.  With silicone back covers, your phone won't slip away anymore.

The soft textured material of the silicone not only feels comfortable in the hands but also provides a firm grip. Even the inherent hydrophobic property of silicone rubber absorbs the sweat from your or repels water. It possesses the ability to create friction between the back cover and your hand. This ensures that your phone stays in your hand securely.

3. Durability and Flexibility

Durability and Flexibility

Silicone cases are renowned for their top-notch durability and flexibility. The elasticity of the silicone cases is unsurpassable. Hence, the covers offer a snug fit to the phone where it clutches the phone’s body perfectly.

Its high tensile strength increases its durability to great extents. They can bend, twist, and jitter without cracking or breaking. That being so, no matter how you bend, there will be no structural changes to the cover.

The accurate balance of formulation significantly impacts the durability of the cover. Additionally, as far as durability is concerned, the silicone back covers show best-in-class resistance against accidental drops, major abrasions, and regular wear and tear.

Even if the back cover is subjected to extreme temperatures, the material keeps the cover intact. When you compare other metal cases or plastic cases with silicone ones, it is the latter that wins the game.

4. Anti-Dust Property

Anti-Dust Property

Keeping your device clean is essential in order to maintain its hygiene. Since it is the phone that we use most of our time, it is important we keep it clean from dirt and dust. The silicone covers are here to do the honors. They prevent dust particles from settling on the nooks and crannies of your device.

When the back covers are made from silicone, infused with anti-dust properties, it is a guarantee that your phone is safe. The anti-dust and anti-dirt technology work as a protective barrier against dust and dirt. It prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust on speaker holes, charging ports, and other buttons.

With a silicone phone case for your device, you can easily and confidently carry your phone in all kinds of environments. Whether you are visiting a desert or going on an adventure, no amount of dust or dirt can harm your phone.

 5. Cost- Effectivity

Cost- Effectivity

People have this misconception that cases with high functionality and features are overly expensive. It is true in some cases, however, silicone cases are exceptional. Despite being of high practicality, these luxury cases come at an affordable price range.

When compared to TPU, carbon fiber, and leather cases, silicone ones generally go easy on the pockets. This does not mean they compromise on the quality of the material or the features. You get top-class security and functionality at cost-effective prices.

Therefore, when choosing a silicone back case, consider it as a long-run investment. With its excellent durability at such a budget-friendly range, it is the best accessory one can get for their device. Moreover, the affordability feature lets you experiment with different styles and designs without burning a hole in your pocket.

6. Slim and Lightweight

Slim and Lightweight

These days’ people look for back cases that can offer protection at their best yet it has to be lightweight and slim. The thicker and harder back covers cause discomfort while holding and also tend to reduce the grip. Here’s why silicone cases are so popular. Unlike the boring and conventional thick back covers, the silicone cases have a construction that meets modern demands.

The feathery construction of the silicone cases does not add to the bulk weight. Hence it makes it easier to carry your phone in your hands. Even if you put it inside your pants pockets or bags, you won't feel it weighing down because of the weight of the phone.

The slim construction complemented by the lightweight feature is a marvelous combination. Only silicone cases can give you this pleasure. You can maintain your phone's sleek profile and carry it like a cotton roll.

7.  Hassle-Free Cleaning Process

Hassle-Free Cleaning Process

Everyone wants to keep their phone cases in pristine condition. No one wants fingerprint impressions or dust stains on their phone cover. To avoid an uncouth appearance of the phone, silicone cases are your best option.

The smooth and nonabsorbent features of silicone prevent any dust or stains from building on it. Wiping the cover clean is a cakewalk. One or two swipes and it is as fresh as a new cover. A mild soap or even sanitizer can be used for cleaning it. You can easily remove stains, smudges, stubborn fingerprint impressions, or dust with a wet cloth. No hassle at all.

The advantage of silicone covers is that they can be washed with liquid cleaning agents unlike leather or other fabric-made back covers. They have specialized cleaning procedures which are time-consuming and not easy at all. Therefore, it is best to use silicone cases for your phone because people cannot spare more than a minute on this job. The faster, the better.

8. MagSafe Compatibility

MagSafe compatibility

Who wants to get entangled in the hassles of wired chargers? The answer is none. With the advancement of technology in leaps and bounds no one wants to stick to those conventional charging methods.

Manufacturers nowadays design silicone cases that are compatible with hassle-free wireless charging. You do not need to remove these magsafe covers in order to charge it. All you need to do is simply place the phone on the changing and let it be. The silicone case does not affect the charging process but rather offers a seamless charging experience to the users.

Wrap-Up: Enjoy Your Protected and Stylish Phone!

Silicone phone cases have a multitude of advantages making them a popular choice among most smartphone users. The synthetic rubber material showcases extreme longevity, flexibility, and elasticity, and last but not least it's easy-to-clean process. Therefore, before choosing a silicone back cover, emphasize the pointers mentioned above to make a better choice.

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