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How to Select Luxury iPhone Covers & Cases Design Ideas for Your Apple Mobile Phone

by bharat case 16 Apr 2024
How to Select Luxury iPhone Covers & Cases Design Ideas for Your Apple Mobile Phone

People who own an iPhone treat them as one of their most prized possessions. Well, when it is that important, it deserves world-class protection. This is why manufacturers have come up with Luxury iPhone covers for those “extra-caring” iPhone users.

Find sturdiness, top-notch durability, and flexibility in each of the covers from the impressive collection of Luxury back covers for iPhone. Get them in a range of vibrant to visually soothing pastel colors, and funky and limited-edition designs at affordable prices.

These covers not only revamp your phone aesthetics but promise unparalleled security to your device. No doubt, these luxury back covers are one of the best accessories giving phones a novel makeover.

4 Benefits of Using a Luxury iPhone Back Covers

4 Benefits of Using a Luxury iPhone Back Covers

There are several benefits to using a Luxury back cover for your precious iPhone. A minor scratch or an accidental fall in the case of an iPhone is equivalent to a heartbreak. Thus, having a back cover will protect your iPhone in any circumstance, no matter what life throws at you.

1. Durable Protection

The materials of all the Luxury iPhone covers showcase immense durability and resistance. The design and engineering of these covers promise ultra-level protection against scratches and scuffs, abrasions, and regular wear and tear. Additionally, the shock absorbent capacity of these materials does not allow the delicate components of the phone to sustain any damage.

2. Exquisite Visual Aesthetics  

These iPhone cases not only guarantee top-notch protection but also elevate the overall visual aesthetics of the iPhone. Available in a myriad range of designs, styles, and prints, each product is equally special and unique. Each cover is a fashion statement that gives a total makeover to your iPhone and personality. The products have designs that possess the charm to steal the attention of the public wherever you go.

3. Protection against Dust and Water

Besides enhancing the iPhone’s visual appeal and style, each case protects them from dust and heat. The case acts as an umbrella to shield the iPhone from dust and other environmental factors. Your iPhone stays safe from water, and heat which otherwise can harm the internal components of the device.  Be it scorching hot or humid days, the luxury cases safeguard your phone in a wholesome way.

4. Firm Grip

Generally, iPhones have a slippery back texture which makes it difficult to grab onto them firmly. They tend to slip from your hand and cause a disaster no one wants to experience. Hence, a back cover minimizes any chance of such mishappenings and offers peace of mind to its users.

4 Things to Consider before Buying a Luxury iPhone Case

4 Things to Consider before Buying a Luxury iPhone Case

There are certain things one needs to consider while purchasing luxury iPhone covers. Mentioned below are the pointers to take note of when you are looking for a Luxury iPhone back cover.

1. Website/Brand Reputation

Not all websites sell the best quality products. At most times it tends to lose its ability to provide proper protection to the iPhone with regular usage. Either it breaks or loses its color over time. Moreover, in some cases, the products are not always true to the images on the website. However, if you purchase an iPhone case from reputed websites, like Bharatcase that, which has a solid reputation in the market and a good consumer base, no such issues will occur. Branded cases come with a guarantee of premium quality and amazing designs that never fade or break. They remain intact despite using them every day.

2. Fit check

A major point to consider while making a purchase of an iPhone back cover is to ensure the model of the iPhone you own. This is an imperative step in this process because each iPhone model is different from the other in dimensions. So, if you have an iPhone 13 pro and have purchased a cover made for iPhone 13, it is never going to fit. To ensure a snug fit, it is necessary to purchase that cover which is exclusively designed for the iPhone model you own.

3. Functionality

In modern days everyone is in need of things that can multitask. So, when it comes to mobile cases, why should they be left behind? An iPhone back cover must be more than a mobile accessory. Besides serving as a shield, it must also have some additional perks. Therefore, while looking for a back cover, opt for those that have additional features like kickstands and MagSafe wallets. This enhances the functionality of your back cover. These extra features redefine the whole purpose of a back cover.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

Money plays an important factor while you are on your iPhone back cover hunt. We always think twice before purchasing a back cover that is more expensive than the regular ones. People generally tend to opt for back covers that usually go easy on their pockets. However, it is not always true that premium quality products are available only at high costs. Many websites sell top-notch products at an affordable price without compromising the quality.

Top 4 Features to Look for in Luxury iPhone Cases

Top 4 Features to Look for in Luxury iPhone Cases

Generally, people order iPhone cases based on their material and features. It is the obvious way to purchase an iPhone case from the large collection of back covers available online. However, for those who do not know or are struggling to decide what features to look for, here is a guide exclusively prepared for them.

1. Material

These 4 types of materials are best suited for all the production of luxury iPhone covers.

  • Silicone: Known for their extreme flexibility and durability, silicone cases are the most commonly used material to manufacture luxury iPhone covers. Their tremendous absorption capacity and comfortable grip are ideal for regular usage. Your iPhone stays safe from minor bumps and accidental falls.
  • Polycarbonate/TPU: This material shows extraordinary durability and shock-absorbent qualities. The hard plastic has a sturdy build that is usually used to produce heavy-duty back covers for the iPhone. Though it provides high-end protection, its weight does not add much bulk.
  • Leather: A posh and classy material that guarantees protection in style is leather. Premium quality covers safeguards your iPhone from minor scratches and scuffs, bumps, and drops. Though it might not be as capable as the other hard and soft plastic materials in shock absorption, it provides decent protection to your iPhone.
  • Carbon Fiber: Its excellent shock-absorbent, heat, and water resistance, and durability make it one highly reliable material. No other material can protect your phone the way carbon fiber does against scratches, dents, daily wear and tear, or any other major damage. Carbon fiber cases are made to withstand the real world. Imagine the strength of these cases and the level of unmatched security they can provide.

2. Protection level

It is the iPhone case that carries the responsibility to secure your phone. However, each product ensures a level of protection that differs from each other. Some iPhone cases are built either to provide the bare minimum protection it needs or a best-in-class type of security.

  • Basic Protection: Some iPhone cases provide primary protection for your device. It shields the phone from minor impacts from accidental bumps or slides, and scratches and abrasions.
  • Drop Protection: iPhone cases made from hard plastic are generally built to provide drop protection. The reinforced corners with airbag technology of these iPhone cases absorb the impacts from accidental drops or bumps.
  • Water Resistance: There is always a lingering fear of your iPhone getting ruined by water. Therefore, these waterproof iPhone cases protect your phone even if you have spilled water directly on top of it.

3. Design and Style

Always opt for the style and design that suits your taste and preference. Starting from transparent to textured and sheer, choose the one that will elevate your overall personality. There are iPhone cases that are visually soothing to the eyes and covered with vibrant colors, 3D designs or images, funky patterns, and prints.

4. Additional features

An iPhone case must not only protect your phone. It must also come in handy in other works as well. Additional features like Kickstands and MagSafe compatibility enhance the overall functionality of the back cover. These features ensure a convenient and smooth user experience. Opt for those iPhone cases that support MagSafe accessories like chargers, wallets, and car mounts with an inbuilt kickstand.

Listed Below are some of the Best Luxurious iPhone Cases Available.

To make it easier, we have listed below the luxury iPhone covers from Bharatcase's exclusive collection. Run over the features and pick your pick. Some of them are even on sale. So, do not miss this opportunity and grab your choice as soon as possible.

1. Nimmy 3D Back Cover & Case

Nimmy 3D Back Cover & Case

The Nimmy 3D design on the luxurious leather iPhone case is one unique product in this collection. It has robust shockproof drop technology that ensures optimal protection to your iPhone. The touch of sophistication and protection makes this product a special one.

2. Luxury Back Cover with 360 Rotating Ring

Luxury Back Cover with 360 Rotating Ring

An integrated kickstand iPhone case is the solution to most of the problems. It enhances the overall practicality of the back case. Besides this, it offers your hand the freedom from holding your phone every time you use it. With a 360-rotating kickstand, you can place your iPhone at whatever angle is convenient for you. Be it horizontal or vertical, you can watch your favorite content on your phone seamlessly.

3. Santa Barbara Back Cover

Santa Barbara Back Cover

This iPhone case is a 100% original Polo Santa Barabara case with genuine leather material. The 3D animal design gives it an uber-cool look. Infused with anti-drop and anti-fingerprint protection, this iPhone case guarantees top-notch protection in style.

4. Luxury Shockproof Back Cover

Luxury Shockproof Back Cover

This iPhone case has reinforced corners with airbag shockproof technology. This absorbs the impacts from accidental drops or bumps. In this way, the delicate components of the iPhone stay safe.

5. Luxury Leather Back Cover

Luxury Leather Back Cover

Made from high-end quality leather, this iPhone case exudes aristocracy and sophistication empowered by superior protection. It safeguards the iPhone from regular wear and tear, abrasions, dents, and accidental drops.

6. Carbon Fiber Luxury Back Cover

Carbon Fiber Luxury Back Cover

An iPhone case from carbon fiber is one of the best suitable back covers for your iPhone. Strength of steel, unmatched tensile strength, and high resistance power against heat and water, this iPhone case has no alternative. Not only protection but also a minimalistic design that gives your phone a visually aesthetic look.

7. Luxury Armor Back Cover

Luxury Armor Back Cover

As the name suggests, this luxury armor iPhone case shields the iPhone the way Iron Man armor protects Tony Stark. The heavy-duty build of this cover armors the phone against major impacts from accidental drops and bumps. Your iPhone stays safe out of harm's way from dents, scratches, or damages inflicted by any sharp object.

8. Luxury Silicone Back Cover

Luxury Silicone Back Cover

Protect your iPhone with a luxury Silicone back cover. Its exceptional durability and flexibility make it a popular choice among iPhone users. Not only protection, but these covers also come in a variety of styles and designs, each of which can steal the attention of online customers.

9. Luxury MagSafe Back Cover

Luxury MagSafe Back Cover

Having a MagSafe-compatible back cover for your iPhone serves many purposes. It can let you seamlessly charge your phone without the hassle of wired chargers. Also, it is compatible with other accessories like MagSafe wallets, car mounts, and even kitchen cabinets. A MagSafe phone case makes the user experience highly convenient.

10. Heat Dissipation Back Cover

Heat Dissipation Back Cover

An iPhone case with heat dissipation technology is a wonder. The spider-web design on the inner side of the case maintains the normal temperature of the phone despite using the phone for a long time. Some of the cases come with a perforated design that acts as a ventilator to let the heat dissipate.

Wrap Up!

Curated worldwide, these luxury iPhone covers from Italy, France, Korea, Japan, etc, are the best-in-class products. Though each product of this collection has been meticulously curated, not all back covers might be of your liking. Those who find themselves in a dilemma of which iPhone case to choose or how to choose can fall back upon this guide without thinking twice.

Everything is mentioned in a comprehensible manner about all the things one needs to consider while purchasing an iPhone case. It will just take a while or two to go through the points; with a guarantee of assured results.

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