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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Full Review of the Generative AI Phone

by bharat case 29 Feb 2024
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra launched in January this year and is a powerhouse of top-notch features that any android device can offer. It sports a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 octa-core processor that unleashes a powerful performance along with Galaxy AI. However, Galaxy S24 and S24+ models continue to be backed up by Exynos 2400.

The Samsung S24 Ultra is by far the most epic Galaxy device with AI features that can blow your mind. It has live translate features that can still function without any internet connection or WiFi. Apart from that, the device encapsulates a beast of a camera that takes crystal-clear photographs in low light.

This handset empowers you with its advanced AI features, superb security and unmatched panache. Let's take a look at what this Samsung handset has to offer in detail.

When Did Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Launch?

Samsung held its official unpacking event on 17 January 2024 for its s24 series and the brand finally launched the S24 range on January 31st 2024! The series contains Samsung S24, Samsung galaxy S24+ and Samsung galaxy S24 ultra.

This handset is now available in the market and online stores. You can trade in your existing device to obtain this phone at a lower price.

Color Choices to Flaunt Your Style

Color Choices to Flaunt Your Style

Samsung, the Korean Mobile production giant has not only brought revolution with its advanced features powered by AI but also offers you choices to flaunt it in style. Whether you want a serious color like grey or black to suit your profession or a fun color like yellow or orange, the Galaxy S24 Ultra range has it all.

Color options the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra offers are:

  1. Titanium Gray
  2. Titanium Yellow
  3. Titanium Black
  4. Titanium Violet
  5. Titanium Green
  6. Titanium Blue
  7. Titanium Orange

While Samsung handsets are widely available in black and titanium gray, the incorporation of exclusive colors like titanium yellow and titanium violet is winning the hearts of the people with its unique appeal.

Dimension & Display For Hindrance Free Screen Time

Dimension & Display For Hindrance Free Screen Time

Samsung Galaxy S4 Ultra is not a lightweight phone per se. While most Galaxy phones weigh anywhere between 160gms to 185 gms, this model weighs about half a pound.

Standing at 232 gms, the body of this handset is edgy and contains loads of features. However, we must mention here that most Samsung phones that weigh lighter have a screen size of 6'', while the Samsung Galaxy S4 Ultra flaunts a much larger screen, which is about 6.8'' or 173mm.

The exact dimensions of the phone are 173 x 79 x 8.6 mm. The phone display is sizable and lets you view pictures. It has a better gaming experience and offers you a relatively larger screen to watch your favorite OTT platforms.

It offers a different dimension in brightness as well, with a peak brightness of 2600 nits! This is a groundbreaking feature by Samsung, considering its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, offering a maximum of 1750 nits peak brightness.

Transcend Language Barriers With Samsung S24 Ultra Live Translate Feature

Transcend Language Barriers With Samsung S24 Ultra Live Translate Feature

The Galaxy S24 Ultra stands out in the sense that it offers brilliant translation features. We are going to discuss this particular feature in segments:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note: The Galaxy AI features Samsung notes powered by AI that can summarize lengthy notes in a foreign language to the language of your choice. If you are a globetrotter, owning this phone can give you an edge. This device can translate texts in any language into the language of your choice. You can summarize, spell-check and refine notes without this device.
  • Live to Translate: Going off the grid should not be a problem for you if you have this device in hand, as it can translate texts and speech in 13 languages through the built-in phone app that features a live translation function in real-time. You can hold face-to-face discussions with other people from a different native language through the split screen feature. The built-in AI translator of this phone instantly translates the conversion from one language to another for their comprehension.
  • Chat Assist: The chat assist functions similar to ChatGPT. It helps you write different formats and rewrite using different tonality. As this feature is directly integrated with the Samsung Keyboard, Chat Assist functions in coordination with all typing features.

Awaken The Photographer in You With a Terrific Camera

Awaken The Photographer in You With a Terrific Camera

The Galaxy S24 Ultra does much more than the basic stuff that ordinary smartphones do. It surpasses the average smartphone that one uses merely for phone calls, clicking pictures, playing games, and listening to music!

This gadget is an all-in-one device that offers a best-in-class photography experience and is capable of much more owing to its AI features.

Before we go ahead to delineate the magic show you can hold with the help of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's camera, let us give you the specifications.

  • The Rear Camera: The Galaxy S24 Ultra packs a camera of a colossal 200 megapixels! Say goodbye to poor-quality or pixelated images. Every snap you capture is as clear as crystal. However, that is not all; it uses multi-directional PDAF (phase detection autofocus) and OIS for the best image capture. This back camera is powered by laser AF for low-light photography.
  • Front Camera: There is a single camera of 12 megapixels for selfies that can capture ultra-wide angles. It has dual-pixel PDAF for shooting steady videos.
  • 100X Space Zoom: Even though the S24 Ultra has ditched the 10X periscope in favor of the 5X telephoto, it features a 100X zoom. This camera lets you zoom in extremely close to any object.
  • Packed with AI Features: There's an array of AI features packed within the titanium frame of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. You can use a magic eraser to remove objects from the background, and more.
  • Generative Edit Options: A distinct feature of the AI feature that Samsung has launched with the Galaxy S24 Ultra is its generative edit options. You can drastically change any photo using its AI feature. Removing objects, shadows, and reflections is a matter of just a few taps with this phone. You can even shift objects, add frames, and reposition photography objects in a given frame. The best part is that you can also fill in the gap using its AI features so that the image does not look distorted.
  • New Provisual Engine for Nightography: Along with the 200MP wide-angle sensor, Samsung has enabled this phone with a larger pixel size. This allows excellent photography in low light, which coupled with the new provisual engine packs a punch that can give competition to professional range cameras. The provisual engine captures more light, which allows bright images in dim lighting. If you are into making reels, videos, and like shooting with your phone,you can seriously consider this device.

Find something On the Go with Circle to Search

Find something On the Go with Circle to Search

The Circle to Search is an approach that Google and Samsung developed together and launched on the S24 Ultra. The Circle to Search lets you do a quick Google search when you circle something that appears on your home screen.

This time-saving application can help you find anything on the go. It is not limited to shopping. You can just circle random things that you wish to know about and educate yourself on the subject matter.

However, although it launched on the Galaxy S24 Ultra Circle to Search, it is not exclusive to this model. The parent brands intend to incorporate this feature in the upcoming models as well.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Storage Options

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra comes in three storage variants. Although it does not have a separate SD card slot available for storage expansion, the storage even the base model provides should be enough;

The Samsung S24 Ultra is available 3 variants;

  • The Galaxy S24 Ultra 256 GB
  • The Galaxy S24 Ultra 512 GB
  • The Galaxy S24 Ultra 1 TB

    Needless to say, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra prices depend on the variety you choose. If you take the 256GB phone, it costs less than the 1TB variant for obvious reasons.

    Control Your Device with S Pen

    Control Your Device with S Pen

    Samsung launched the S pen with its Samsung Note series. However, with the discontinuation of the Note series, it incorporated the S pen into other high-end models.

    The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has a built in S pen that stays stashed in the body. You can use the device to create notes, control the device, and more. The embedded S pen of the device connects via Bluetooth to the device within a range of 30 feet. It has a 0.7mm tip to guide over the device in a smooth pattern.

    Advanced Security Features That Empower You

    Advanced Security Features That Empower You

    The new Galaxy S24 Ultra is secured by Samsung Knox. It is the proprietary security framework that you would get pre-installed on most mid to high-end Samsung phones. Knox is a multilayer framework that secures sensitive information against threats and malware.

    It is adept at safeguarding critical information with real-time threat detection. The users of this new phone can have full control over the AI enhancement they would allow. You can simply go to the Advanced Intelligence Settings and turn off the online data processing for AI option.

    There is an array of other security features by Samsung that the Galaxy S24 Ultra is packed with. You can find features like Knox Vault, Auto Blocker, Private Share, Maintenance Mode, and Secure wi-fi for the best possible security for your data and sensitive information.

    Charging & Battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

    • 5000 mAh Battery: The Galaxy S24 Ultra has a 5000 mAh battery, which is the case with all Samsung Ultra range of phones. However, now that this device has the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Chipset, life expectancy can be expected to be a bit longer.
    • Fast Charging: The Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with a 45W charging speed, that is, like most of the high-end Galaxy models. With its fast charging, you can get the phone fully charged in under an hour. The phone is compatible with a USB-C type cable.
    • Wireless Charging & Reverse Wireless Charging: It supports wireless charging 2.0 with a maximum charging pad output of 15W. It also allows reverse charging of other compatible devices.

    The Galaxy S24 Ultra Design

    • Mesmerizing Titanium Design: The design of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts a premium titanium design as opposed to the armor aluminum design of the previous Galaxy S23 Ultra. The titanium body is corrosion-resistant and can shield your gadget from internal damage in the case of drops, falls, and slips.
    • Flat Display: For the sake of better ergonomics, Samsung has empowered the Galaxy S24 Ultra with a completely flat display. This allows the users more screen space and boosts the user experience. h
    • Gorilla Glass Armor: This new phone by Samsung comes with super tough dubbed Gorilla Glass armor in the front and the back. It is a much tougher variety than the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 featured in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The new Gorilla Glass armor offers a top-notch combination of durability and visual clarity. It is scratch-resistant and can withstand pressure to keep your phone secure.

    Is Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Better than Galaxy S23 Ultra?

    Is Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Better than Galaxy S23 Ultra?

    While the screen size, charging, and some features remain the same in both the Galaxy S24 Ultra and the S23 Ultra, there are certain edges that the former has.

    The Galaxy S24 Ultra features a titanium body as opposed to the aluminum armor body of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The titanium body offers better resistance to scratch, heat, and impact. The new phone also has 2600 nits peak brightness, which is considerably higher than the 1750 nits that the previous Galaxy model offers.

    As far as the Camera is concerned, both the models have 200-megapixel rear cameras and similar features. However, the Galaxy S24 Ultra offers super HDR photos. With this device, you would be able to click more realistic snaps in high-contrast backgrounds. The groundbreaking part of the S24 Ultra is this model is packed with generative edit options.

    When it comes to color options, the S24 Ultra takes the front seat as the color palette this range offers is better than the S23 Ultra model. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra comes in 7 different colors that are vibrant and alluring.

    Final Words

    The Galaxy S24 Ultra is a high-end phone by Samsung. It offers a 6.8-inch flat display, a dedicated ISP block, gorilla glass armor, a 200 MP rear camera, generative AI features, a better gaming experience, and more.

    While the Samsung S24 ultra is a terrific phone, if you already have a flagship phone that is doing the job just fine for you, it is not really necessary to purchase it. However, if you are a tech-savvy person waiting to try the generative AI features, you can certainly purchase the Galaxy S24 Ultra.


    1.What is the display size of the S24 Ultra?

    Galaxy S24 Ultra has a 6.8 full flat display with slightly curved corners for ergonomics. The display has 2600 nits peak brightness, which is a game changer when a user is operating the phone in a bright ambiance.

    2.Can I use the Galaxy S24 Ultra underwater?

    The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with IP168 water and dust resistance. It can withstand all weather types. hail, rain, or storm, the S24 is a great match. You can submerge under freshwater for up to 30 minutes.

    3.How many cameras are there in the S24 Ultra?

    The Galaxy S24 Ultra is packed with 5 cameras. The main camera is 200 megapixels and the front camera is 12 megapixels. It also packs a 50MP telephoto camera with 5X optical zoom, a 12 MP ultra-wide sensor, and a 10 megapixels telephoto sensor with 3x optical zoom.

    4.Does S24 Ultra support dual SIM?

    The Galaxy S24 Ultra lets you use 2 SIMs at once in the same device. The phone has 2 SIM slots and the provision for an eSIM. You can either run both physical SIMs or one eSIM and one regular SIM at the same time.

    5.What is AI in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra?

    The Galaxy is baked with Gemini-powered artificial Intelligence or Galaxy AI. You can use Galaxy AI in several aspects of the phone. From chatting and camera to Google search, this phone has AI baked into it.

    6.Which S24 Ultra Color is the best?

    Over 50% of people who purchased the phone to date chose the Titanium Black variant. Titanium Violet and Titanium Yellow are very popular colors in the S24 Ultra range

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