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Top 10 iPhone 15 Cases in 2024: Our Exclusive Collection

by bharat case 19 Feb 2024
Top 10 iPhone Cases

If you are a true Apple fan, then the launching of the new iPhone 15 series must have blown your mind. Planning to grab the new iPhone 15? Then get ready to get the most out of your device by choosing the right iPhone 15 case for it.

Though repairability and durability improvements in the new iPhone 15 series have levelled up Apple’s game, any significant scratch or accidental drop might prove devastating for your device.

Therefore, it becomes important for the user to protect it with a tough everyday case that is specifically designed for that iPhone 15 model.

Are you looking for the best phone case for your iPhone 15 model? Check out this blog till the end to discover some of the best cases for your iPhone 15 series.

These cases will not just complement your specific iPhone 15 model but also provide a shield to your device from common hazards such as impacts, scratches, and drops.

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To 10 Protective Case Options for all Your iPhone 15 Models

To 10 Protective Case Options for all Your iPhone 15 Models

When it comes to the best iPhone 15 accessories, mobile phone cases top the list. These cases are engineered not only for securing your device while you are on the move but also provides you with some additional functionalities.

Fortunately, there is an extensive range of high-quality iPhone 15 cases in  the market that are specifically designed to fit your needs and budgets.

Finding difficulty in choosing the right case for your latest Apple model? Don’t worry as we have done the heavy lifting for you! We have done enough research and testing and come up with some of the top picks for your iPhone 15.

Check out our recommended list below:

1. iPhone 15 Back Cover with MagSafe Charging

iPhone 15 Back Cover with MagSafe Charging

Built with quality TPU material, these MagSafe compatible covers come with integrated magnets to ensure that your device perfectly aligns with it for wireless charging. When you use this cover, it transforms your device into a versatile accessory hub.

These MagSafe cases make your device compatible with a range of MagSafe accessories like rings, car holders, kickstands, chargers and wallets. All these features make these cases excellent accessories for a hassle-free charging experience.

If you safeguard your iPhone device using these cases it will provide defense against scratches, drops, and bumps. So, in case, a seamless and stable charging connection around the clock is your priority, go for these Magsafe compatibility cases and experience the difference!


  • Available in multiple designs and colors
  • Budget-friendly


  • Does not offer customizations
  • Limited availability

2. iPhone 15 Translucent Back Cover

iPhone 15 Translucent Back Cover

If you are looking for a slim, see-through clear case that offers decent drop protection, then these translucent covers should be your ultimate choice. These protective cases allow you to showcase your phone’s original color and keep your device’s chassis shining forever like new!

As these covers are made of top-grade silicone materials, they are quite easy to install and uninstall. These cases are perfectly compatible with your iPhone 15 models while providing enhanced protection to your device.

They are preferred for the premium and ultra-rich finish that they provide to your device. As these cases feature precision cutouts, they provide easy access to all buttons and ports.


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible


  • Offers comparatively lighter protection.
  • Covers might turn yellow after prolonged use.

3. iPhone 15 Armor Back Cover

iPhone 15 Armor Back Cover

Compatible with iPhone 15, these covers often come with screen protectors to safeguard your device’s screen against cracks and scratches. They are usually made using environmentally-friendly, recyclable materials.

Most of these back covers are reinforced on four corners with airbag anti-fall protection in order to protect your device against collisions. Not just these cases are engineered using scratch-resistant materials but also offer double-layered protection to your device.

In fact, these full-featured cases have been tested several times to meet military standards before they have been made available for users.


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Comes with long-lasting screen protector
  • Offers great protection


  • Not easily accessible

4. iPhone 15 Silicone Back Cover

iPhone 15 Silicone Back Cover

Irrespective of the iPhone 15 model that you own, you can always choose these stylish and protective silicone covers to enhance your iPhone’s design. These silicone cases provide a comfortable and soft grip to your hands as these are made from high-quality liquid silicone material.

What makes these cases so compelling to users is that they are available in a variety of vibrant colors, prints, textures and themes. As maintenance and cleaning of these cases are also quite easy, it ensures to offer a pristine look to its users for a longer period.

With a wide array of color and design options, choose the one that matches your personal preferences and styles. Some of these covers also feature some additional functionality including a MagSafe charger, backside ring etc. which enhances your device’s overall experience.


  • Easy availability
  • Cost-effective


  • Not preferable to use in a hotter environment
  • Nothing can be stored inside the cover.

5. iPhone 15 Never Yellow Back Covers

iPhone 15 Never Yellow Back Covers

These high-quality phone cases are made crystal-clear using scratch-proof materials that perfectly fit your iPhone 15 models. As these back covers are backed with anti-yellow technology, you can use these ultra-thin cases without the fear of ruining their clear-back transparent look.

Being modish and lightweight, these phone covers help maintain your device’s slim look without adding any additional bulk to it. So, those individuals who are concerned about giving their phone a shiny makeover while ensuring to protect their iPhone 15 against abrasion, must opt for these iPhone 15 never yellow back covers.

So, experience the shiny and spotless look of your phone even after extreme humidity levels and continuous exposure to high-temperature UV lights with these covers.


  • Keeps the exterior shiny for a prolonged period
  • Long-lasting


  • Difficult to find a quality one

6. iPhone 15 Shockproof Back Cover

iPhone 15 Shockproof Back Cover

These ultra-slim cases are usually engineered using hard plastic and TPU materials to provide advanced shock-absorption protection to your device. If you are looking for a high-end protection case for your iPhone 15 that acts as an invisible cloak around your device, then these shockproof back covers can be the best bet for you.

These clear and transparent cases come with a scratch-resistant coating to protect your device from falls and drops from a greater height. Additionally, these cases are available in both glossy and matte finishes and can be customized as per your style. Some of these cases are even MagSafe compatible.


  • Not bulky at all
  • Offers double protection


  • Does not offer full-poof safety to your device
  • Might need a separate screen protector

7. Rugged Cases for iPhone 15

Rugged Cases for iPhone 15

Usually, these rugged cases are more durable and much bulkier than others. These are constructed in multiple layers and are a great option for those who love adventurous or outdoor activities.

These sturdy cases are extremely safe to use and they can resist the substantial damage caused to your device. One should prefer this variant for high-end smartphones like the iPhone 15 series. 

Rugged cases provide 360-degree coverage to your smartphones including its touchscreen. So, those who intend to protect their device’s exterior while preserving its damage-free interior should choose these rugged cases as a better option. 


  • Offers heavy protection
  • Durable and easily accessible
  • Does not require a separate screen protector


  • Bulky appearance
  • Not at all soft and flexible

8. Thin Slim Fit Case

Thin Slim Fit Case

If you want to complement your iPhone 15 with a slim silhouette that comfortably fits in your pocket, then the thin slim fit case should be your ultimate choice. These cases are made from premium quality plastic and TPU materials for enhanced durability.

Being equipped with Air Cushion Technology, these cases provide military-grade certified drop protection to your device. Some of them are easily compatible with wireless charging and are constructed with raised edges to offer camera and screen safety.

Being thin and lightweight, these cases do not make your device feel heavy and provide minimal protection.


  • Not at all expensive
  • Not bulky
  • Enhances your phone’s overall look.


  • Does not offer protection to your screen.

9. Luxury Wallet Cases

Luxury Wallet Cases

Wallet cases make your iPhone 15 much more practical and useful. This phone case is specifically designed for shielding your phone against scratches, drops and everyday wear and tear. These accessories with timeless design not only make your device fashionable but also add convenience to it.

These cases come along with card slots that allow you to carry your emergency cash, receipts, or cards wherever you want. As these cases are designed with precise cutouts, it permits easy access to all ports and buttons.

These cases guarantee to offer great protection to both the front and back sides of your iPhone 15. Even these soft touch cases can be gifted to your loved ones. 


  • Multi-purpose cases
  • Provides complete coverage to your device


  • Not easily accessible

10. iPhone 15 Leather Phone Cases

These leather iPhone 15 cases are made of faux leather which makes it one of the most animal-friendly options. People who want to experience the luxurious appearance of their iPhone 15 should opt for these cases as it retains the same quality and protection as that of genuine leather.

These cases are not just stylish but also naturally tough which makes them great for providing protection to your device against scratches and drops. Another advantage of owning these leather cases is that they come with a non-slip grip which significantly reduces its chances of falling from your hand.


  • Always remains in-trend
  • Available in different colors


  • Comparatively high in price than other normal cases
  • Limited availability

Worried about the price? Well, a premium leather phone case will not cost you that much if you purchase it from a reputable website like Bharatcase. You can check out this website for more stunning collections of iPhone 15 cases at an affordable range.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the best and most promising iPhone 15 cases that you can buy online at a reasonable price. Besides these limited options discussed here, there are other phone cases as well that you can try out like gel phone cases, rubber phone cases, wooden phone cases, etc.

You can choose any of them to show off your unique personality and style. However, ensure to prioritize the features that you are looking for in your phone case.

With so many variants of iPhone 15 cases, it is quite common that you might get confused and feel lost in selecting the right case for your device. Hope that this guide on a range of mobile cases has helped you in picking the right one as per your lifestyle!

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